About Us

The D-Trail parcel tracking and management system provides you with a platform to properly track parcel deliveries and manage your parcel related records. More specifically, the system assists in tracking the location of the parcel via Random codes that are placed on the parcel. The clients are notified automatically via SMS or email about the status of their deliveries.

Our Services

Parcel Management

Receive Parcels,Send Parcels,Proof of delivery,Late Deliveries.

Auto-Parcel Receiver

When a parcel is received from web portal it is automatically assigned to the nearest rider

Rider Management

Know where your riders are,What they are delivering ,their delivery history.Their average TAT.


Delivery reports ,Parcel Collection reminders ,Secure deliveries.


Bulk parcel reports ,Client parcel reports ,Rider delivery history.


Know the location of Parcel on transit.

How it works
To get D-Trail working you start by logging into the system and from there you are good to go.
D-Trail has been tailored to help your business avoid the heavy lifting and focus on meeting the needs of your clients through transparency and efficiency.

Listens to
your needs

D-Trail knows your needs especially if your business involves delivering products to clients in far away places we help you track and manage goods on transit.


With D-Trail you are assured of increased efficiency in your business as you focus on the softer parts we will help you with the heavy lifting ensuring you keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Software as a

D-Trail is a Saas platform you dont need to purchase any hardware or any other additional software to run it,it is run via any browser saving you from extra costs.


Know where the goods/parcels are while on transit,we like to ensure transparency to both the client and the business.

the product

Another satisfied customer is what we hope to help your business realize.

Who can use our System
Restaurants with food delivery services
Retail Shops with home delivery services
Courier companies
Mail delivering services
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Nairobi, Kenya
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